Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Blessed to Bless Program is the Charity arm of Christlike Nations International Ministries.

The corona Virus pandemic and the resultant economic strain on much of the population in Uganda, together with natural disasters that hit some parts of Uganda meant that the CNI Blessed to Bless program, though relatively a young ministry arm, has been one of the busiest Ministry arms of Christlike Nations International Ministries in 2020.

We have through Blessed to Bless (B2B) positioned ourselves as a channel through which our partners and other people can pass on support to less privileged members of society and those that have been hit by unexpected disasters.

One such campaign was an Operation at the end of 2019 where CNI collected clothes and other household items and gave them to people that were displaced by floods in Bundibugyo district in Western Uganda.

In April 2020 as the Lockdown imposed by the government in a bid to fight spread of the Corona virus began to bite, many households found themselves without food. Blessed to Bless answered the call of duty and started mobilizing food to contribute to the most hard hit families. This operation yielded 830 Kgs of Posho of which 350 kgs went to 20 families of Pastors within Mbarara, 10 vulnerable families of brethren and the rest was handed over to the District Task force, Mbarara that was collecting food to give to starving members of the population in Mbarara district.

Then in May 2020, as they grappled with the Lockdown imposed following the corona virus pandemic, the people of Kasese were hit by another disaster; devastating floods that left more than 100,000 people homeless, without food and basic necessities.

Blessed to Bless Program again swung into action and Launched operation 10K for Kasese, a campaign that urged people using our social media platforms to donate atleast 10,000 Uganda Shillings or more to support displaced people in Kasese.

Through this Operation, we were able to purchase 1400 Kg of posho, 800Kg of Cassava, 230 Kg of beans, 75 Kgs of Rice and 10 boxes of water. This relief was able to support a total of 193 families in Kasese and Bwera towns in Western Uganda.

We thank God for the work He is doing through this Ministry arm of CNI that is barely two years old.

To God be the glory.

You can be a part of Blessed to Bless Program by donating items from your household  ( clothes, electronics, beds, utensils, etc) that you no longer need but which can be real life savers for someone struggling to survive.

You can also contribute cash towards the Ministry that will be converted into relief, like we did for Kasese, Bundibugyo and Mbarara.

Get in touch with the Ministry through the ‘Contact us section’ or the Ministry contacts given and we will be happy to guide you on how you can be part of this life changing ministry.

Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Miss Esther Kebirungi.

Head, CNI Blessed to Bless Program

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