Christ Connect Bible School Report 2021

Greetings from the Christ Connect Bible School

The Christ Connect Bible School was started by Dr Nduhukire Timothy to support the Discipleship Department of CNI through offering the Spiritual Foundations Course.

The CCBS currently has a team that comprises a Director, an Administrator and five Instructors.

What is Spiritual Foundations Course?

It is an online course offered by the Christ Connect Bible School as part of the CNI Discipleship program.

It is a six months course with 24 classes, with 1 class per week.

The first cohort of Spiritual Foundations Course completed the program in August 2021 with 13 students successfully finishing the course and 5 of them being retained to become Instructors for the Course.

How does it work?

Using the Google classroom platform, each week’s class is posted at the beginning of the week. Registered Students then interact with the class notes at their own convenience, participate in discussions online and write an assignment at end of each week.

The course has 2 Levels

Level 1 has 12 classes,12 Discussion questions, 12 assignments and 1 end of Level one exam

The following classes are offered in Level 1

1. Potential for growth in God’s word
2. The Parable of the sower
3. Elementary doctrines of Christ I
4. Elementary doctrines of Christ II
5. The marks of a true Disciple
6. Understanding spirit, soul and body
7. Understanding the Believer’s true identity
8. Foundation for intimacy with God
9. How God speaks
10. Distinguishing God’s voice from other voices
11. Introduction to Bible reading and study
12. Living by the Word

All these have to be completed before progression to Level 2.

Level 2 has 12 classes, 12 discussion questions, 12 Assignments and 1 End of Level 2 project

The following classes are offered in Level 2

13. The Ideal Disciple
14. Tests of Discipleship
15. The Disciple’s master
16. The Disciple’s great need
17. The Disciple and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
18. The Disciple’s prayer life
19. The Disciple’s spiritual family
20. The Disciple’s love walk
21. The Disciple’s choices
22. The Disciple and temptation
23. The Disciple’s example
24. Go and make disciples

Who qualifies for this course?

1. A born again Christian.
2. Ability to read and write English
3. Possession of a gadget (phone, tablet, computer) with fairly stable internet.
4. Ability to use the gadget’s apps like Google, Google classroom, YouTube to access the class materials.

A student will be admitted to the course if they fulfill the above criteria and complete the registration process.

Here are just a few out of the many testimonies we are receiving from students who have attended the Christ Connect Bible school.

Rogers from Mbarara:

Thank u so much my Papa. U have been such a blessing to me. I finally have someone pastoring and discipling me after 27 years since I came to know the Lord. It’s a breath of fresh air.
I now understand why a lot of people remain spiritually stagnated all their lives after getting saved.
They are never discipled

Sarah from Moroto

Am here to testify of the goodness of God. I have been battling fear for long now, and since we started this class, I purposed to overcome it. In 2015 May ,I was driving together with my husband and we got an accident. The vehicle overturned 5 times but thankfully we got our unhurt. From them I told myself that i I will never drive long distances again and it has been the norm since then. But this Friday, at around 3 30pm, I got into the car prayed and started driving home. Currently I work in Moroto. I called my husband that am setting off and am driving myself, he said am boarding the next bus I will get you on the way. In me I knew I could do but I said OK. I drove, this was a therapeutic journey, I prayed like I had never prayed before all through the journey. To cut the long story short, I met my husband around Kumi and he was surprised. Today, I told him am going back and I dont need your help, but he insisted I told him am driving be my co driver. I drove all the way to Moroto without him helping me. Am so happy and I praise the Lord for having taken away the spirit of fear. This fear made me depend on people. Even with my own car I would have to wait on people’s programmes to fit in mine but I thank God for he has taken away the fear.
Thank you for this class.

Ronah from Kampala
I had a certain pain that I have been dealing with for years that originated from people who bullied me.
I had forgiven but there was a certain liberty lacking in life.
As of today, I feel different. The pain is suddenly gone. My heart is filled with love and joy unexplainable.
It’s as though I jumped from one body to another body.
This is a big transition for me.
Thank you CNI for the bible school. My heart is totally healed. My whole being has totally forgiven…
Am so excited about myself.
My life has changed
And I feel so free

Pross from Mbarara

Thank you Dr and team for the good work you are doing in us. I have started my Walk with God and this time round it’s going to be different.
I have received His love for me. I have never felt loved the way I feel now.
I am confident that my Father loves me.
Thanks for the truths you are teaching us with such simplicity. Iam grateful. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly.

More testimonies from the students of Christ Connect Bible School can be found in the Testimonies section on this website.

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