Greetings from CNI partnership department.

We welcome you to the Online home of Christlike Nations International Ministries.

We are so grateful and do appreciate our Partners for standing with us financially as a Ministry.

Because of the unwavering support of our Partners, CNI is touching lives through Television and Radio Ministry, Gospel Outreaches to different parts of the country, Mobile Schools of Evangelism and Healing, Discipleship programs, Monthly Healing meetings, Daily ministry to thousands through our Online platforms, Conferences in different parts of the country and supporting vulnerable communities through our Relief arm, the Blessed to Bless program.

In 2019 alone, we saw approximately 500 people give their lives to Christ through our various Outreaches. Many more were healed through our healing ministry while many marriages and families experienced healing through our Family centered Real Men Ministry.

Because of Partners’ support, the ministry has been able to furnish its office, Library as well as purchase 168 chairs so far in 2020 alone, for its Ministry events. Our target is to raise 500 chairs by the end of 2021.

Partners have been pivotal to CNI’s heavy involvement in Relief efforts to support vulnerable populations in Uganda in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic and natural disasters in different parts of the country.

A lot of work remains undone however because our Partners base is still small.  With more partners, CNI could reach more people through its Relief arm, Blessed to Bless Program. Our ultimate dream with ‘Blessed to Bless’ is to be able to build hospitals for vulnerable communities, dig wells for communities without water, offer scholarships for bright but financially challenged students as well as have a ware house and a fleet of trucks for storing and transporting Relief items to different parts of Africa. With more support, We could be on more Television and radio networks with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus as well as have our own Fully Equipped Public Address System and platform to proclaim the Gospel in different parts of the world. We would no doubt reach more people on our fast growing Online platforms with a bigger Partners’ base. Ultimately with increased support, CNI will be able to be established in its own home in Mbarara city, where presently operate from rented premises.

Would you consider being a CNI Partner if you are not one already? Partnership with CNI takes three forms. We have monthly Partners who have made a commitment to give a financial contribution to the ministry every month, Annual Partners who have made a commitment to give a financial contribution to the ministry every year and one time partners who have not made a monthly or annual commitment to partner with ministry but make occasional financial contribution to the ministry as different needs arise.

Please contact the ministry through the ‘Contact us section’ or the Ministry contacts provided if you would like to become a Ministry Partner or make a direct donation through the options provided on this website.

We Love you and pray for God’s favor to continually manifest in your lives.

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